Classic car appraisal

Invest in something that will give you pleasure

When you have a classic that is show ready, you can place it into car shows and win awards.



Quality classic car appraisal

Maintain the value of your vehicle

Your classic car is a big investment. Many people invest more into their vintage vehicle than their own home. In order to maintain the value, you need to know where you stand. Bring your vehicle in to show us and have it appraised by an expert who knows classics.

Understand the value of a restoration

When you bring your vehicle to be restored by us, we not only give it a complete restoration, but we also do an appraisal on it after it is complete so you know what your investment is worth. This allows you to see firsthand why we are so important to your car.

Know your car's worth – call us for an appraisal today.

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