Detailed frame restorations

Every step taken to ensure a true restoration

When you bring your vehicle to us, you can guarantee precision with every step that is why we work in phases.



Classic car engine restoration

Keep the process organized for more value

During the first phase, your vehicle is completely disassembled from the inside out. Everything is bagged and labeled to ensure the best organization. This is when we get down to business and start seeing what your vehicle needs most and formulate a plan.

Phase 2 involves some preparation work. Your vehicle is rust repaired to ensure the body work lasts longer and is media blasted, taken to bare metal. The frame of your vehicle is then taken apart and then reassembled. This leads to the most important phase which is phase 3.

Ensure a great job with multiple phases

Phase 3 is when you start to see your vehicle turning around. The body is straightened and blocked in order to prepare for painting. For phase 4, you can start to see the body of your vehicle being reassembled to the frame and ready for the painting which begins phase 5.

Phase 6 helps finish off your vehicle by applying weather stripping to all of it. Now you are ready to finish it up with phase 7. We sublet the work on the upholstery out to a specialist. Finally, your vehicle is carefully cleaned and detailed for you to drive away in for Phase 8.

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